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About EZPZ

EZPZ Pte Ltd — Sales Distribution Channel in SE Asia

EZPZ was founded in Singapore in June 2016 by a team abounding in years of experience in the distribution market. Inspired by technology and the perpetual digitalised world, EZPZ was born out of a need to modernise a traditional trade and make our company more accessible. With our digital platforms and use of software, we strive to connect deeply with our business clients and customers — by providing personalised customer service, producing interesting and worthy information to share and inspire their projects, and educate them on our products in a fun and simplified manner so they can make informed decisions.

EZPZ provides the best of both worlds; our affiliation with quality brands provides us with the connections to business clients and retailers. We identify new markets and products designed to satisfy the high expectations of modern industries and households. Whether it’s a larger project or checking off the tasks on your To-Do list, EZPZ aims to be the only stop you’ll need to finish the job.


We have our warehouse to ensure a continuation of supplies with digitised monitoring of inventory. Our stock planning programs are integrated with our customers and business clients through constant communication to update demand and supply. 

Our business is diversified in terms of products, geographic spread and channels of distribution. With the advantage of Singapore's strategic location and its free trade port status, as well as our broad assortment of quality tools, we are able to serve our customers from all over the world. We have solid bases in the South East Asia region to support our products, and we are looking into penetrating into the Middle East and South Asia. 

Direct Importer of Sellery and Pumpkin — Authorised Dealer of Jitron and Joyson

At EZPZ Pte Ltd, we carry two flagship brands namely Sellery and Pumpkin. We direct import Sellery and Pumpkin from factories in Taiwan and Thailand respectively. Besides ensuring a high-quality control of products from our importing factories, we at EZPZ believe in delivering high-quality customer service and satisfaction.

Sellery is well-known in the market for its wide range of high-quality tools and household products for homeowners, home improvement enthusiasts, and industrial professionals.

Pumpkin offers high-quality specialized tools with affordable prices in 6 divisions: Power Tools, Power Tools Accessories, Hand Tools for Construction, Hand Tools for Industrial, Air Tools & Accessories and Gardening Tools. 


Today, Sellery & Pumpkin carry over 1,500 items of tools with over 37 categories, which offers a complete line of products to help end-users accomplish the task. The products come with presentable packaging and are available in many hypermarkets, DIY shops, hardware stores, electrical shops, and neighbourhood convenience stores.

Throughout the years, EZPZ has expanded our product range and into more categories. We also offer products such as medical disposables, health devices, household goods etc. to keep up with the prevailing market requirements.

Today, we are on multiple online ordering platforms such as Lazada, Shopee and Redmart, where we are known as "EZPZ Living". This provides us with an avenue to target our end-users, whilst also increasing our exposure in the market.



Our Vision

EZPZ strives to lead by enhancing our services and products by breaking away from the traditional mold and providing valuable information to consumers.

We are built on these guiding principles:

    •   To Maintain an Excellent Team Culture
    •   To Provide Excellent Customer Service
    •   To Sustain Open Communication and Brand Reliability
    •   To Commit to Simplicity and Quality
    •   To Empower Consumers


Our Mission

Our name says it all; EZPZ — “Easy Peasy”. Our mission at EZPZ is to simplify; make life and work easier. We provide quality products and educational information that aims to effectively solve everyday problems and fulfil the needs of our consumers. We believe in living better by doing it better; a traditional trade can be done better by modernizing the approach and process.